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The Objective of ILD's Internship

How/Who does ILD's Internship Benefit?

  • To fill the gaps in students'  knowledge  and skills related to the world of work.

  • Teach specific technical and foundational skills to enhance their abilities and competencies while being closely guided by an ILD supervisor during their internship placement. 

ILD's internship has resulted in Youth-SMEs networking in Hong Kong.

It benefits SMEs from engaging and utilizing the youth talent.

ILD internship empower young people on and off their institutional campus.

SME-Youth Bridging Internship

ILD aims to grow Youth and SMEs together.  There is often a huge gap between what employers want and what graduates have.  So we help Youth grow by giving them an opportunity to work with an SME that offers them real-life experience and provides  opportunities to enhance their skills and learn everything that young people need to become successful in their career. 

On the other hand, SMEs also face many challenges due to lack of finance, leadership, management, financial, or technical skills or just accounting or day-to-day organisational support.  Each and every SME we work with, benefit from the skills of young people who provide support to grow their organisational capacity. 

ILD offers a well-structured internship program for the university, vocational institutes, and high school students. Our internship program is coherent and systematic, giving the participants an opportunity to develop confidence in themselves.

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