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Trade Show Hosting

Events &

Teamwork Course

 Course Background


Topics Covered

Teaching Methodology


Course Duration

Event Planning

Course Background

Successful event planning starts with possessing good communication skills, being highly organised, and having the ability to follow up with vendors until completion. Preparation before, during, and after is crucial in helping reach your desired objectives. 

With our Event Planning workshop, your participants will learn how to anticipate and solve common planning issues for any small event such as informal gatherings, up to complex meetings. Effectively troubleshooting will help insure a happy and enjoyable event.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the different types of events

  • Understand the planning process

  • Know how to organise your event

  • Understand how to manage and organise your staff effectively

  • Know how to tie up loose ends after the event

Method of Instruction

Lecture on Each Modules, Case Studies, Class Discussions,

Group Activities, Role-playing, Student Presentations, Simulations

and Review

Course Duration

There are altogether 8-10 lessons.  Each lesson for 2 hours. However, all the lessons can be tailored to the needs of the students and the duration of the course adjusted accordingly. Few of the topics can be selected to be taught in a workshop mode.  

Topics Covered 

  • How to Identify Your Values

  • Build Resume

  • Creating an Attractive Package

  • Writing a Cover Letter

  • Creating a Portfolio

  • Networking Techniques

  • Skills for Success

  • The Hidden Job Market

  • Understanding Interviews

  • Follow Up Skills

Trade Show Staff Training

Team Building

Virtual Team Building

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