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Marketing & Promotional Design 

Brand Design 

Document Design 

  • Banners

  • Posters & Flyers

  • Brochures, Booklets & Leaflets

  • Stickers & Labels

  • Trade-show Graphics & Point of Sale Display (POS)

  • Invitations & Direct Mailers

  • Product Packaging

  • Menu

  • Newsletters

  • Product Label

  • Logos

  • Business Cards

  • Brand Strategy & Identity

  • Rebranding

  • Website Design

  • E-Commerce

  • Catalogue

  • Banners

  • Interior Mockup

  • Communication Design

  • Messaging Design

  • Business Emails

  • Pre-press Services for Books and Magazines (Layout & Design Work)

  • Annual Report

  •  Document Design

  •  Information Design

  •  Communication Auditing 

  •  Editing

  •  Communication streamlining

  •  Assessments 

  • Gap Analysis

Branding & Design Work

A company's BRAND is the first point of connection with the clients.  It establishes a positioning statement and a point of recognition in the minds of the clients.  Therefore, a BRAND isn't only a pretty logo or beautiful marketing materials, but a way a company/business/individual is perceived by others. 

The first point of connection is often the design part of the Brand through art design, document design, social media content etc.  All of which needs to be inspiring, engaging as well as one that expresses what the company is about and one that subsequently builds trust and loyalty.   


We can help you with that.  Over the last 20 years we have helped big corporations, SMEs or even start-ups create their brand identity.   Through our design services we have helped companies with their websites, social media posts, illustrations, marketing materials, business presentations etc.  

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