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Presentation Skills

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Presentations play a critical role in the world of work. Whether internal, aimed at shareholders or co-workers, or external, a sales presentation for prospects, this is a fairly typical aspect of daily professional life. However, it continues to make many individuals anxious and agitated about pulling it off. The good news is that there are steps everyone can take to create a successful and memorable presentation. Through this course the learners will understand what makes a good presentation. They'll get acquainted with the many types of presentations, as well as how to how to structure and write their presentation. Additionally, they will learn how to prepare for their presentation, how to deliver it with authority, and much more. Course Intended Learning Outcomes What you are expected to be able to do or know by the completion of this course: • Know the various types of presentations • Identify key elements of a presentation • Perform a needs analysis and prepare an outline • Select presentation delivery methods • Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills • Knock down nervousness • Develop and use flip charts with colour • Create targeted PowerPoint presentations • Utilize white boarding for reinforcement • Describe how video and audio enhance a presentation and list criteria for determining what types to use • Enrich the learning experience with humour, questions, and discussion. What Is Included In This Course Lesson 1. Preparing for a Presentation Lesson 2. Writing Content For a Powerful Impact Lesson 3. Using Relevant Presentation Methods Lesson 4. Communicating With Power Verbally Lesson 5. Non-Verbal Signals You Send Lesson 6: Conquering Stage Fright Lesson 7. Using Visual Aid Lesson 8. Designing Impressive Presentations & Managing Notes Lesson 9. Other Widely Used Options for Presentation Lesson 10. Make A Lasting Impression Lesson 11. Worksheets & References

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