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We Exist To Grow Minds & Enable Individuals to Lead Greater Lives

Expanding Minds Since 2001

Institute of Learning & Development (ILD) is a leading training & content provider, offering world-class extended learning courses as well as training and development opportunities that serve as skills & knowledge fillers to help students and working adults progress in an ever-changing world.  

The Pillars of Our Philosophy


Promote participation in life-long learning that helps to bridge the knowledge and skills gap and contributes to increased prosperity across industries and age groups.


ILD’s vision is to be a leader in providing exemplary extended courses, high quality content and consultancy services that contribute to improving the lives of the individuals in a changing and complex global society.  


To fulfill our vision by providing excellent training programs, relevant resources, and tools; designed to train, educate and inspire people to become change-makers. Equip people to apply knowledge and skills, toward exciting, innovative, and meaningful change and improve their own lives. 

Aiming Hundred Thousand.

To date ILD Group has educated over twenty five  thousand students around the world. While that is a feat that we are proud of, there is still an impact required for us to maintain a sustainable world moving into the future. We have a plan and have now set our sights on Hundred Thousand Students.

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